(a.k.a. Teddy)

As a Trainer of over 6 years, Anthony has found his passion in helping others improve their capabilities and better understand their bodies true potential.

In early 2012 he commenced his training in Amateur Muay Thai, which he describes to be the point where structured training became an essential part of his daily life.

From 2017 he then began to focus his attention towards improving body composition through combined nutrition and resistance training protocols, before stepping on stage for the first time as a Bodybuilder, where he has since claimed various state and national titles.

Coming from a background in Powerlifting / Strength Training, Anthony follows a structured approach to his workouts, and places a strong emphasis on technique and maintaining good postural form throughout individual and group fitness sessions.

As a firm believer in leading by example, Anthony loves to apply his personal experience in the industry to his clients, and understands that no two people are the same when it comes to their body’s needs.

Whether your goal is to increase your overall strength and endurance, shed unwanted bodyweight, or simply add structure to your existing training routine, you can find him in the training arena and talk to him about how to maximise your results through training and nutrition!


  • Improving Strength & Conditioning
  • Tailored Workout Programs
  • Body Recomposition / Diet Management
  • Eliminating Muscular Imbalances


  • 2017 Nabba Queensland Title
  • 2019 PCA Australia Title
  • 2019 Nabba Southern Hemisphere Title